Reveal real-time forage analysis

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Reveal® is a new, real-time forage analysis service from Cargill that puts the power of our global forage database in the palm of your hand. Reveal utilizes SCiO to deliver the most cost-effective, convenient and precise way to manage dry matter variation in forages. Reveal will revolutionize the way dairies manage dry matter variation, and help them deliver a more consistent diet to their animals.

Before downloading the app, an active subscription must be purchased at Once purchased, an email will be sent with directions for downloading and accessing the app.

**The first month fee for Reveal® is $679, which includes $499 for the SCiO plus the first month’s service fee of $180.  Beginning the second month, you will only be charged $180 per month for the service. Reveal® requires a 12-month contract which can be cancelled at the end of the contract, or will renew automatically on a monthly basis following the initial term. Requests for early termination will be subject to an early termination fee**

Reveal® is only available for active dairy producers. By checking the terms and conditions box, I certify that I do not derive my income from the sale of nutritional consulting or feed sales. Violations of this policy will result in termination of service with no refund of any collected fees.